Influencer Marketing and AR – coming to an agency soon?

Having read Duncan Brown’s article on Infleuncer Marketing in the recent The Marketer publication, I wonder how long it will be, before the AR community start to offer this discipline? I just hope it is real Influencer Marketing not rebadged AR. Only time will tell.
Feb 2010: Funny reading this again and thinking how  mainstream the term Influencer Relations has become. My views on this is that it is very unlikely for agencies to offer this, not unless they are totally dedicated to IR i.e. influencer50 
as for the mainstream PR agencies and or even the AR agencies I think it is too much of a jump from current services offered. As for vendors that is a different matter altogether as there is the clear visibility (or should be) between marketing and sales which is where influence is so crucial. However to really embrace Influencer Relations marketing folks need to think broadly and past the tried and tested – which again is not always a mainstream approach.
Will things change? Not likely.

3 Responses to “Influencer Marketing and AR – coming to an agency soon?”

  1. Ludovic Leforestier Says:

    Hi Mark,

    If you’re interested in this topic, see Duncan’s post on the IIAR blog:

  2. Simon Marks Says:

    I worked for a company that once paid for an Influencer50 report and it was extremely disappointing. Half of the names were hardly a surprise and we already knew who they were, and the other half were very random and seemed to be based on a key-word search.

    I like the general idea of IM, but not convinced about the execution, or the way some people are trying to make money out of it. I think it is extremely hard for external general consultants to provide any real insight to companies – this has to be done by specialists in a particular sector – vertical or horizontal.

    • marcduke Says:

      Thanks Simon, I don’t know the specifics but I am sure Duncan at Influencer50 will have some comments to make. In terms of execution is it not a case of who influences the decision maker and influence them. The real question is how do you measure influence? Granted no two cases will ever be the same but that is the beauty of it.


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