Twitter yea not

My thanks to Dominic Pannel for introducing me to Twitter. Having been slow to the blogsphere, I guess I was somewhat slow to this fab Web 2.0 application. This tool and I am sure there are others, clearly provides a new dimension to AR, but one thing I am mindful of, is that nothing replaces investing in professional analyst relationships and getting a clear understanding of exactly what each analyst is after and more importantly what there are not. Might be an obvious point but I have always been a big believer that while technology is an enabler/enhancer of relationships it will never replace the human element which great AR professionals are valued most for.

Feb 2010 now Twitter is mainstream and the issue is not whether it is used but how to use it. I remember years ago a senior Microsoft executive telling me about he did email ‘I spend two hours a day doing mail. One hour in the morning and one in the evening. In between that I get my day job done.’ For me that is how I now approach Twitter it’s not the sound of the alerts that breaks my concentration (I am an avid Tweetdeck user) rather being in a constant state of alert about who has tweeted what. Maybe I can’t concentrate but I now find having Twitter on a lot like working with the radio on – there is a lot of background but every now and then there is something you need to stop and concentrate on.

2 Responses to “Twitter yea not”

  1. matthew Says:

    Has Twitter Just got Better?

    I love social networking and blogging and have recently been trying to tune into the powers of Twitter. However due to its lack of social interaction and niche of serving large corporate businesses rather than a hungry youth market, I am failing to see the appeal.

    Recent press stories suggest that Twitter has skipped a generation and missed the opportunity to embed itself in a lucrative youth culture. However other media reports suggest that teens are addicted to their mobiles and are indeed engrossed in social networking, blogging and texting.( ) Hence the tag: The Text Generation.

    Whilst banging my head against the wall, trying to link the two I stumbled across this site ….. How hadn’t I seen this before, it’s the obvious answer to a teen market engrossed in text messaging and the ‘need’ to voice their opinion and it‘s FREE.
    It’s micro-blogging whilst on the move, text on the go…. I think this maybe the way forward, the missing link.

    Obviously this is not just a tool to voice teenage adolescents, cranked up to 11!, it’s for anyone that wants to express their opinion whilst away from their desk.

    I’ve even had a go and I’m impressed, the application is great for social events and parties, I can simply sneak away for two minutes and blogg by just sending a text.

    This could become addictive, I suggest you give it a go…..

  2. marcduke Says:

    Reminds of a service SpinVox used to offer called spin my blog, well I have signed up and lets see what happens…..

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