Anyone for breakfast…..

Just finished a very very interesting briefing with a client about an area until today I did not really understand fully. The analyst conversation was classic two-way plenty of give and take.

A number of light bulbs went off in my head at the time of the meeting a couple regarding how to approach a particular area of the clients business that to date analysts have not found too compelling but I finally have found an analogy for how to cope with Twitter, Blogs etc..

Having discovered Twitter a while back, there are times when I will happily switch it off to get on with day job and then there are blogs to absorb. How does one cope before getting to information overload????

Answer – breakfast please…

Just kidding, in my view the key to delivering value in business is through:

  • Relationships
  • Content delivery

I’d like to cover the second one in this post as I have focused on the former elsewhere and will come back to it at some other point.

So here is the analogy piece, convention has it that eating a balanced diet is the key to living well a little of what you fancy does you good. Eat at regular intervals etc. I have come to the conclusion that the same is true for how to deal with information – one needs balance, consume the right content at the right time and it works, consume too much and you get ‘infogestion’ some content makes you move faster, other takes a lot longer to digest.

So why does this matter? Well with all the free content out there are times I feel I am missing out on knowledge/insight/potential for competitive advantage. But I think the best way is to take a balanced approach. Consume content when you have the time and when you can digest it and get on with the day job when you have to.

With that in mind – its time for lunch

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