No but Yeah – when doing no AR is the way to go

Don’t worry this is not a post about Vicky Pollard from Little Britain (anyone outside of the UK feel free to contact me for more details about this epic piece of British comedy) but rather reference to a very interesting call I had last week with a contact who I used to do work for.

I receive a LinkedIn message from a former client who wanted to discuss analyst strategy with me. As a self-employed consultant,  this not a message to be ignored.

My contact has recently joined a technology start-up that has a clearly defined USP and this persons role is to look after all things marketing. The CEO wants to do work with analysts but the head of marketing  is not 100% sure this is the right way to go, so would like to bounce off some ideas of the expert (me ;-)) to make sure the decision is right.

The company’s situation is pretty clear, it’s an emerging business, with some excellent customers on board already, so is now the time to build relationships with analysts/influencer firms?

The crux of the decision revolves about the company’s growth plans. Are there a set of ‘must win’ customers or is the priority about ‘getting on the radar’ of prospects? In this instance, there is a dream list, and the vendor knows how to get to these guys directly.

So my view – its NO to AR right now, if you can’t support it properly and are focused on direct engagement with you customer wish list, better to hold off building links with influencers until the proposition is stronger, customer list bigger. Better to do it right than half do it, you only get one chance to make a first impression and with finite resources, you have to go with the activities that are likely to generate business in the shorter than longer term.

However when the company does look at engaging with the analyst community, I know a great consultant that is great at……….. 😉

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