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Help – I have just hit the glass ceiling

July 14, 2010

I have been having a number of great conversations with members of the AR fraternity about all things AR. Smart people whose work I respect and opinions I value too.

One of the comments that really got me thinking (and now finally blogging) was as follows (paraphrased as this was a conversation I had a while back):

‘The problem I have is that I feel I have hit a glass ceiling with AR, there is only so far I can go with it. Plus in the organisation I work in, its part of the PR framework and I feel there is a limit to what I can do’

Is that really the case??? At an analyst event I put this view to an analyst and got a very interesting response:

‘Yes I deal with some really smart AR people, they really understand how we work and how to make things happen for us, and we likewise help them as well, but some take too short-sighted a view about working with analysts and need to look further than the briefing/messaging process’

In effect it comes down to what you make of AR, I have written in the past about marketing oriented AR and feel that this is the key to breaking the glass ceiling. I for one will always look at ways to push the boundaries!


Analyst musings in July 2010

July 14, 2010

Finally getting round to writing up the blog posts that have been drafts for a while.

My style is not to name names or pass comment on events – I am not that smart. One thing I have been keen to share is that as an AR practitionerI have a lot of interactions with Account Managers. Some experiences I would like to share

I have in the past written about how commercial contracts/pay for play impacts on AR but the one thing that strikes me from my experience is how different Account Managers (sales folk to you and me) operate in different firms.

I am of the view that with very few exceptions analysts don’t make great sales people, they are after all great analysts. But with account manager folks there are some great ones and some awful ones.

Some notable experiences – an account manager in a meeting with some marketing colleagues who are sold to ALL the time and not picking up the signals that it  was time to focus on what they were after not the entire deck he had prepared.

A real favorite – a sales guy sitting in an analyst briefing (which had taken six months to arrange) and then ambushing a senior spokesperson about which firms they did or did not spend money with while the analysts in the room winced.

And the final one the account managers that work fora firm that struggles with the word NO, yes we all have targets but which bit of not at the moment is confusing I wonder???

One final favourite is the AM telling my how complicated it is to work with analysts – not half as irritating as it is to work with some sales folks from analyst firms! Yup I get it, the more complicated you make it, the more valuable it is!

 But for all of the negatives there are the positive there are plenty of AM’s that get where you fit in the picture, understand how you can help them and are prepared to give a little to get back.

Fastest finger first

July 14, 2010

One of the thoughts I have had about social media and information overload is that at present what counts is not the content but speed of delivery. With Twitter/Fbook etc. we all have access to content, the real issue is about who shares it first. Presuming of course that the audience we are sending the content to find it of interest.