Event content management

For me events are the life blood of AR – analyst days, strategy sessions, customer roundtables, launches etc.. it’s a chance to focus the vendor on producing content and it’s always’ great to see the analysts in person. Virtual events, I have not really got to that yet.

I think that social media has transformed the way events now occur. In the old days we would get the slides done – while the analysts collected their name badges, never mind the run throughs 😉 the analysts would get a hard copy of the slides or possibly have them emailed or if we were really doing well a branded USB stick.

The analysts would get the content while it was delivered in hard copy or after the event. Excellent right of reply limited to Q&A.

But Twitter has changed everything. For the better. Events have gone from static to active. A recent event I did we had a developer disagree with an analysts tweet in mid presentation and use of file sharing sites meant an analyst coming late to a session had downloaded the slides and was browsing the final slides before the speaker had got to the middle and then tweeted about it.

So what is the upshot of the changes?  In short a vendor that thinks it can talk one way has overlooked the dynamic nature of social media and the impact of an event is instant. It also means that the content is open to any interested party i.e. the customer, again not a bad think.

Right better send the invite out to the next analyst summit I am working on….

One Response to “Event content management”

  1. Stephen Loudermilk Says:

    Nice post, Mark! I firmly believe like you that event content management is changing the game in analyst relations. This is why creating hashtags for your physical and virtual events is so important to the analyst community.

    They can feel like they are part of the conversation “real-time.”

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