Another Tweet to browse?

Long gone are the days when Twitter was merely to let everyone know when you were having a coffee Now its a crucial channel/business tool. I’ll leave it to others to debate the metrics and theory.

Recently I have used a great tool called row feeder which collects all of the Tweets for a word/term and enables you to analyse the content.

The upshot it’s another channel to monitor and no event  is complete without a Twitter hashtag on it. What happens to the event is that analysts tweeting when not there, attendees provide commentary/analysis on an event while it is going on not after. Other people join in the debate who are not analysts at all.

The result is that the event organiser (AR pro) can also become an editor to amend tweets that don’t have the event hashtag and as result will in some instances keep the debate going if people forget the hashtag. 

This makes events more dynamic for all concerned.


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