My focus for 2011- Focus

Just fired up Twitter, about to check Quora for new questions, then on to LinkedIn to review the Q&As from the groups I am subscribed to……

At some point I might get back to the day job……..

Actually it is part of the day job. But I remember years and years meeting a senior Microsoft Exec when doing an analyst tour with him and he gave a fab piece of advise in dealing with email – a major issue then – now its minor given the myriad of information sources we all HAVE to be linked to.

He said ‘I spent two hours a day doing mail. One hour in the morning and one in the evening and do the stuff I really need to do in between that’

Well it is common sense but will definitely be a piece of advice I will look to follow in 2011.

Hang on just seen a new tweet I need to look at…..


2 Responses to “My focus for 2011- Focus”

  1. Monika Says:

    Is is really possible to only check emails in the morning and evening? Surely, it’s a good idea, we would be really focused on work during the day. However, for me communication is part of the job and take place via email/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn so I need to be accesible at all times. I sometimes expect people to reply to me stright away if it’s urgent. Some things can’t wait till the end of the day..

  2. marcduke Says:

    Just to qualify the post, when one is an role where monitoring mail/twitter is key, then being as disciplined as suggested is not an option but when you have calls to make/content to produce there are some distractions that can rob you of your of concentration.

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