The Funding Travel checklist…market sizing data, business models and other holiday essentials

I recently attended the Annual Funding & Investment Summit,  it was as events go spot on for me, really interesting content and people and a LOT of follow up work.

The opening slot was a market context piece by Nick Parker of Parker Consulting all excellent stuff re size of market, key trends and key players etc..

It got me thinking about key things needed when embarking on the odyssey that is securing funding for businesses (guess I am on a similar journey – oops sorry for the physco speak).

I have recently focused on the VC/start up market to provide ad hoc marketing support so expect more from me on this area. A common theme is the need to secure funding to help with growing the business/idea.

Many, many more intelligent and scholarly people have written books and made successful speaker careers on this topic but the one take home point is never mind the check list it’s all about attitude be prepared for a long, long hard fight the key thing is are you though enough??


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