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Freelance musings….

February 11, 2010

I have had a some really interesting conversations with people about  freelancing in general so I thought it would be a nice idea to blog about it.

Not a big writer but some points of interest:

  1. Freelancing is not for all – the grass is greener, it all looks great but you can’t rely on anyone else. It may not be for you, snowboarding is not for me but it does look v cool
  2. Spotting the opp  – there are times when you have to walk away from work that you can do and other times when despite the good will you need to drawn a line and say time to look at new leads
  3. Your value is your value – ‘you pay peanuts you get monkeys’, your worth is your worth. As a freelancer if you don’t deliver, you are out but as you deliver (or should do) you have a worth
  4. Fortune favours the brave – as you can’t hide behind anyone else you have to do it all but as that is what you have chosen so get on with it 😉
  5. It’s all in the mind – attitude is as important as competency

Right back to work!